Final Grade Information

The DSOM Office will mail completed exams to Global University for grading once a week. Students can expect to receive grades within 10-14 business days.


Final Grade Information is sent to either the student's Global University email address or the student's personal email address. This will depend on when the student was registered with Global. Students registered after July 2019 will receive all Global University communications in the inbox of the email that was submitted on enrollment forms.

Students enrolled before July 2019 that would like to receive all Global communications to their personal email address will need to contact Global University directly to make this change. Call Global University, Student Services at 1-800-443-1083.


Instructions for students with Global University Email:


  2. Select Student Mail from the Students tab

  3. Sign in with Email and Password

A final grade of a 70 or higher is considered passing and the student will receive credit with Global University.  If the student has failed the exam, they should refer to 'Re-take Exam Instructions' under the 'Current Student Information' tab. 


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