Internship Courses

The Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Ministerial Internship courses require the student to work with a local pastor/minister to gain hands-on experience in various ministry activities outlined in the course manual. 


The Internship consists of twelve chapters/lessons found in the Internship Student Manual, each designed around a meeting with the mentor. It is intended that such meetings occur regularly, for approximately one hour each. Whenever possible, the student should meet with the mentor on a weekly basis.  It may be necessary to combine a couple of chapters/lessons. Students and Mentors should not combine more than two chapters/lessons into one session.

Each student will need to select a mentor for his/her internship. Below are guidelines for selecting a mentor. Once the mentor has been selected, each student MUST submit the mentor's name and church to the DSOM Office. 

  • The mentor will usually be the student's senior pastor, a staff pastor, or other person designated by the pastor to serve in the role of mentor. 

  • If the student is the senior pastor, then the student should consult his or her sectional presbyter to assist in the appointment of a mentor. 

  • The mentor should not be closely related to the student. 

  • The mentor must be a Licensed or Ordained Minister. Licensed Ministers may serve as mentors to Certified students. Ordained Ministers may serve as mentors to students at any level. Certified Ministers are not eligible to serve as mentors unless a written exception is made by a district official.

Course Requirements

  1. The Final Exam will be given at the December seminar. All DSOM Campus classes will attend the December seminar in Waxahachie. Please note- there will be not be a December seminar at any other campus.

  2. There is no Service Learning Requirement for the Internship courses. 

  3. Each mentor must submit the Mentor Information Form and Final Evaluation Form.

  • Both forms can be found in the back of the Mentor Manual. They are also listed below for download.

Click here for Beginning Ministerial Internship forms.

Click her for Beginning Ministerial Internship forms in Spanish

Click here for Intermediate Ministerial Internship forms.

Click here for Intermediate Ministerial Internship forms in Spanish

 Click here for Advanced Ministerial Internship forms.​​

Click here for Advanced Ministerial Internship forms in Spanish


  • The forms should not be given to student but sent directly to DSOM Office.

  • Forms are required and must be submitted in order to receive a final grade and credit for the course.

  • The Mentor Information Form and Final Evaluation Form should be submitted to the DSOM Office, options are as follows:

Scan/email to​

or Fax to 682-747-6848, Attn: DSOM Office

or Mail to NTD, Attn: DSOM Office, PO Box 838, Waxahachie, TX 75168


Internship Course 2020 Schedule

August 1st

Students who wish to enroll in the Internship will pick up the Student and Mentor Manuals for either the Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced Ministerial Internships. . If a student is unable to attend the August 1st seminar and they want to register for the Internship, they should contact the DSOM Office. 

August 29th

Students must submit the Mentor's name and church to the DSOM Office. This is not optional, it is to ensure the mentor meets the requirements to serve in this role.

November 7th

Students will submit payment for the Internship course ($145) at the November seminars. Students on the Ordained Study Track do not have a November seminar. These students will pay for their Internship course at the December seminar. 

December 5th

Students from all campuses will attend the Waxahachie Campus for the seminar and the exam.  The Waxahachie Campus is located at the North Texas District Office, 5241 FM 66, Waxahachie, TX 75167. Important- If the student has not yet completed the Internship at this point; they should still make plans to attend the seminar. They can test at a later date.

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