Re-take Exam Instructions

In the event that a student receives a failing exam grade, he/she will need to re-take the exam.


There is a $35 Re-take Fee for the 1st re-take and then GU will issue the exam to the student.


If the student fails the re-take exam, there is a $50 Re-enrollment Fee for a 2nd re-take. The DSOM Office will issue this exam to the student. 

Click here to submit the DSOM Re-take Exam Form and submit payment. 

  • Allow 2 business days for processing.

  • The 1st re-take exam will be sent to the student's home address from Global University.

  • If a 2nd re-take is needed, it will be sent to the student's home address from the DSOM Office. 

  • Students should take this opportunity to review the course materials in preparation for the re-take exam.

  • A separate form will need to be submitted for each re-take exam needed.


NO SLR required for the 1st re-take exam. 2nd re-take exam requires student to submit a new SLR. Contact the DSOM Office for a new blank SLR form. 


*See 'Exam & SLR' under the 'Current Student Information' tab for full instructions on completing the answer sheet. 

Mail all forms to: NTD, Attn: DSOM, PO Box 838, Waxahachie, TX 75168.