Missed Seminar Instructions

In the event that a student is not able to attend the seminar for the course they are enrolled in, there is a $25 Missed Exam Fee.  This is to cover the additional administrative and shipping costs.


The student will also need to enroll and pay for the next course on the Study Track they are pursuing. 

Students must submit the form below to pay the Missed Exam Fee and Course Enrollment Fee for the next course. Allow 2 business days for processing, then the exam and/or course manual will be mailed to the student's home. 

Click here to submit the DSOM Missed Seminar and Course Enrollment Form and payment.

It is of utmost importance that the student submit this form as soon as possible. This will ensure that he/she will not fall behind in their studies. 


Testing Instructions

  • The test is a closed book examination.

  • Exam must be completed in one sitting.

  • Please use a #2 pencil on the green answer sheet. 

Once completed, mail the following to the DSOM Office:

  1. Top page of the exam with the bottom portion completed and signed. Please do not cut this form.*

  2. Green answer sheet with requested information completed and bubbled in.*

  3. Service Learning Requirement (SLR)*


*See 'Exam & SLR' under the 'Current Student Information' tab for full instructions on completing the exam, answer sheet, and SLR. 

Mail all forms to: NTD, Attn: DSOM, PO Box 838, Waxahachie, TX 75168.

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DSOM Office hours vary. Please call ahead to make an appointment with DSOM Administrator.

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