Exam & SLR

  • The course exam is given at the end of each seminar.

  • The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

  • All exams are closed book.

  • There is no time limit when taking the exam.

  • Exam must be completed in one sitting.

  • We encourage all students to take their time in completing an exam.

  • A #2 pencil is required to take the paper exam. It is the responsibility of the student to provide their own pencils. 

  • Online testing is available to students through the GU Student Portal. See 'GU Student Portal'  under the 'Current Student Information' tab.

Paper Exam - Once the exam is completed, each student must submit the following 2 pieces directly to the DSOM Office in order to receive a grade:

  1. Answer Sheet with requested information entered at the top and bottom of form. This includes Course Title, Student Name, Student ID, & Exam Form at the top. As well as Exam Completion Date, Students signature, & Date at the bottom. Click here for example.

  2. Service Learning Requirement (SLR) This includes Name, Student ID Number, & Date. Click here for example.

*The examination booklet is completely for the student. No part of this form needs to be turned in. 

Service Learning Requirement (SLR)

  • Each student must complete the Service Learning Requirement for every course. The only exception is for the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Ministerial Internship courses.

  • SLR is located in the Appendix of each course manual. The SLR is also located on the student's GU Student Portal online.

  • Instructions for completing this assignment are located in the appendix as well. Click here to view

  • Students should fill in all answers that are appropriate to the ministry activity they participated in. Including the question, "Identify related course content by chapter, lesson, and page number." Global University wants to see the student draw a correlation between what they are studying & real world ministry experiences. 

  • OPTION - Students may choose to attend a North Texas District sponsored event in order to fulfill the SLR requirement. NTD sponsored events include sectional meetings, regional meetings, District Council, Fall Council, & various ministry conferences, etc. These events encourage DSOM students to be involved in the District & allow them to formulate relationships with other ministers. If a student attends a District event to fulfill the SLR requirement, the student is exempted only from answering the question, "Identify related course content by chapter, lesson, and page number." The student still needs to fill in all remaining sections. Students must put "North Texas DSOM" in the top right corner of the SLR form. This will flag the SLR to be processed correctly. 

  • SLR is not required for the first attempt at a re-take exam.

The DSOM Office will submit completed paper exams to Global University for grading once a week.


See 'Final Grade Information' under the 'Current Student Information' tab for instructions on receiving grade.

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